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Our Nature Baskets have been especially designed to meet as many areas of the Learning and development requirements as possible. Children develop problem solving and numeracy skills as they count and group items and create simple patterns. Subconsciously the child will begin to grasp mathematical concepts such as addition, subtraction, symmetry, and balance as he or she plays. Using their senses, children can investigate the textures of different objects and look closely at their similarities and differences. Basic biology and an appreciation for the natural world can be nurtured as they study intricate wood grain and “hear the sea” as they hold a shell to their ear, or feel the warmth of sheep’s wool, and discover the tiny seeds of a pine cone.  Nature Baskets are an ethical and environmentally friendly resource that develops concentration, creativity, imagination, language and numeracy skills and physical control.


At Link2nature the wellbeing of the environment is an important concern:
  • Our entire product is natural and biodegradable.
  • We are proud to assure you that for every nature bag produced, a tree is planted.

Health and Safety

All our products have been carefully treated and cleaned. As with all natural materials, they should be checked regularly for signs of deterioration or small parts breaking off. The cords for the treasure bag is made with velcro to avoid any strangulation hazard.