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1. The Adventures of Piney Conus

Piney ConusA beautiful hardback book to complement the ethos behind the Nature Basket. With original artwork done by members of Link2nature this beautifully illustrated story about a little pine cone man will delight children and anyone who loves the outdoors.  It is a ‘read it again’ story that children will love and memorize.  
Price: £12.00

2. Nature Treasures

Nature Bag63 treasures from nature! The variety of colours, textures and shapes increase the sensory knowledge of children as well as providing them with an intriguing construction set.  We know our products are fun, and we are certain that they help children to develop language, literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills..
Price: £35.00

3. Nature Treasures with basket

Nature Bag with basketGet the basket with your Treasure Bag, it is a great addition, serving has a house for a pine cone man, a mountain, you are limited only by your imagination.
Price: £40.00

4. Nature Blocks with Basket

Nature BlocksOur newest product, 59 building blocks and 3 bamboo rolls. Nature Blocks, contains a larger selection of wooden pieces as well as 2 bamboo rolls. This quality product is especially designed for you if your nursery can find the contents of the original nature basket under your hedge. Nature blocks are ideal for construction – cut squarely and well sanded to be smooth and child-friendly. The quantity and durability of these blocks make the set a perfect choice for children More Info »
Price: £50.00

5. Natural Wicker Basket

Natural Wicker BasketHigh quality stackable basket.
Price: £9.00